Baabzi Take Away's NHS Appeal - The Birmingham Children's Hospital

Everyone at Baabzi's Take Away are proud to be doing what they can to support the heroes that are risking their lives and dreams to care for us and the ones in need at great personal risk.

We at Baabzi are involved in not just raising money, but we are also preparing meals for frontline heroes and those vulnerable in our community.

Chef Baabzi's motivation to do all that is possible and to encourage others to support our NHS staff goes back to his and his families own direct experience with the NHS at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Chef, his wife and his family were cared for and lovingly supported by these wonderful people at the NHS during a harrowing time in their own lives. Nothing short of angelic teams of nurses and doctors tirelessly worked to save their baby boy, who sadly passed away after a brave battle to overcome his health challenges.

This incredibly personal and life changing experience heavily impacted Chefs life. Losing a child left a massive vacuum and the only way that he has been able to find much needed comfort and peace has been his need to serve, to give back in some way.

The NHS services during this tragic period in our lives were absolutely awesome and it's something that has fuelled me 'Chef Baabzi' to go all out and personally, professionally give back as well as encourage everyone to do whatever they can to support the NHS at its critical time of need. I have not forgotten or ever will how me, my wife and family were cared for and supported at our most challenging time.

Everyone at Baabzi Take Away urge you to help them reach their fundraising target so that the NHS is supported and given a much needed cash boost from us all.

Please donate as little as £5 or if that's not possible, why not ask your friends, neighbour's, family, co-workers to donate to this worthy cause.

You never know when you, a loved one or a friend will need the care, the medical attention and importantly the sacrifice of a front line worker. With this in your heart and mind, please dig deep and support us as we at Baabzi Take Away raise as much money to help these truly wonderful, amazing self sacrificing human beings.

Thank you all
In loving memory of Adam Hussain.